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Cabin in the Woods


Cabin in the Woods (2012) is fresh even though it starts out a bit moldy. That is the point. It pays homage to all the great horror movies like Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell (1983). We have five friends getting away for the weekend in an RV en-route to a cabin deep in the woods. There are two cuties, a stoner, a jock and brainiac. Sounds typical but the movie complete with the most amazing twists. This one is a game changer folks a fun ride and a definite must have for your movie collection.

House of Wax


House of Wax is fast becoming a classic horror movie that is a “must-have” for any horror collection. It has all the typical elements and really goes the distance. Arguable Paris Hilton’s best movie. Some of you may have forgotten, but there is another star in this movie that you might recognize, Jared Padalecki is very young in this 2005 flick. You almost won’t recognize him, but look carefully. That’s right! It’s Sam of Sam & Dean in Supernatural.