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By voting you are doing your part to let Hollywood know that it is time to make better Horror Movies. Please rate movies that you have seen to assist others in their horror movie collection choices. No information is required from you. Just click on the flaming skulls on the individual movie pages that show the movie trailer.

Our Star Rating

We have a simple rating system that makes it easy to separate the excellent, the average and the stupid.

  • 5 Skulls = Never get tired of it. Can watch over and over.
  • 4 Skulls = Don’t mind watching a second time
  • 3 Skulls = OK but probably won’t see it again
  • 2 Skulls = Novice attempt and not horrible but can not recommend.
  • 1 Skull = Don’t spend time or money on this one.

Most horror movies end up being in the 3 Star arena. It is some times hard to decide between a 3 Star and a 4 star. In some cases we might call it a 3 and half. We invite your comments to help us push a movie towards  3 or a 4 Star. And we would love to hear the reasons.