House of 1000 Corpses

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Star Rating: 5

Set in rural Texas in the 1970s, the group gets more than they bargained for when they find themselves stranded in an all-too-realistic house of horrors. Helmed by rocker Rob Zombie, this gore fest follows two young couples on their quest to find the truth about a mythical character known only as “Dr. Satan.”

Rated R, 1 hr. 28 min., 2002

Our Opinion:
Rob Zombie knows what horror fans like. This film illustrates that you should not get stuck in the middle of nowhere and for Pete’s sake don’t get involved with the natives. You are just asking for trouble like these guys did. This roadside family of misfits do things a little differently than you and me. The Dr Satan character appears briefly in this movie. It is such a rich character I wish Rob would do a Pre-quel to develop that idea more. Very cool horror flick. You won’t feel the same about yourself once you  have watched it.

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