I Spit on Your Grave

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Star Rating: 3

Director Meir Zarchi’s revenge movie has the dubious honor of containing one of the longest and most violent gang-rape scenes on film. When writer Jenny Hill (Camille Keaton) rents a remote cabin, she’s surprised to find that the local townsfolk are friendly — too friendly, in fact. What follows is decidedly unpleasant: After being brutalized, violated and left for dead, Jenny goes on her own spree of killing, mutilation and castration.

Rated R, 1 hr. 40 min., 1978

Our Opinion:
This is a golden oldie but still very shocking even for today’s audience. It is typical of 70’s type films with long scenes and campy dialog. The audio was pretty bad even though the version I watched was remastered in digital dolby. Perhaps they had to. This is a graphic film which had a hard time keeping an R rating when it was released. The mainstream movie critics didn’t like it. Horror fans loved it because it goes to the edge and maybe beyond. That is why it deserves cult status. I had to see it because I was curious what other horror fans were talking about.

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