Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

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Star Rating: 3

Writer-director Don Coscarelli, of Phantasm and Beastmaster fame, adapted this entry in the Showtime series from a short story by cult horror writer Joe R. Landsdale. Ellen (Bree Turner) is chased through the night woods by the maniacal Moonface (John De Santis). Ellen defends herself by rigging a series of booby traps she learned from her cruel survivalist husband (Ethan Embry). But her tricks may not be enough to stave off the creepy predator.

Rated R, 51 min., 2005

Our Opinion:
This is a short horror film and I usually do not include made-for-showtime flicks, but I thought this one was interesting enough to bring to your attention. I gave it a 3 out of 5 rating but it may for some be closer to 2. I had issue with Ellen’s character being able to build booby traps while being chased. Now the monster called moon face I thought was unique. They could have re-done this movie and concentrated more on moon face.

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