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Star Rating: 3

Determined to rescue his sister from a mental hospital, Jack Romero (Jesse Metcalfe) masquerades as a madman to gain entry to the asylum, where he finds a deranged sawbones (Peter Stormare) using patients as guinea pigs in bizarre experiments. To keep his involuntarily committed sibling — and himself — from becoming cannibalistic psychos like the doctor’s other victims, Jack will need all his ingenuity in this direct-to-video splatterfest.

Rated R, 1 hr. 29 min., 2008

Our Opinion:
Not bad. The only way that you could tell the “just insane” from the “rabid insane” was by the color of their eyes. I thought that was a nice touch. Very bloody. I am OK with bloody but they do over do it a bit. There was a point in the film where things were coming together with weird music and running through blue hospital hallways with blood every where. Would have made a more accurate portrayal of the movie as cover art.

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