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Star Rating: 2

After a night of partying, siblings Nick (Christian Walker) and Erin (Jeanette Comans) and a group of their college friends become prey for a diabolical human trafficker (John Still) who has one of his minions — a trapper (Patrick Cox) — hunt them down and take them hostage. Now, chained in a barn like cattle, the kids face much worse to come from their tormentor in this gruesome horror flick from director Jeremy Benson.

Rated R, 1 hr. 26 min., 2008

Our Opinion:
For low budget this one wasn’t too bad. I could not pull myself to give it a 3, but it is a high 2. The beginning was to dark to see anything as they begin with a party at a cabin rental. The character development was rushed so we really don’t feel anything for the characters. These film is similar to Hostel and Shuttle. If they cleaned up the beginning to be like the rest of the movie it would definately get a 3 rating in my book. Give this one a chance. It does get better if you can get past the rough start. There are some good twists at the end.

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