Monster Man

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Star Rating: 4

Two buddies, played by Adam (Eric Jungmann) and Harley (Justin Urich),  set out on a road trip only to find themselves in a heap of trouble when obnoxious Harley makes the wrong people mad at a seedy biker bar. The two are forced to run for their lives when one man gets behind the wheel of his truck and tries to plow the pair down. Will they be able to escape this monster truck with its monstrous driver, or will they become road-kill?

Rated R, 1 hr. 35 min., 2003

Our Opinion:
This low budget film is very entertaining. The dialog and antics between Adam and Harley are very funny. Why not have a scary monster truck with a hideous driver chase you all over the desert? They had a lot of fun making this movie and you won’t mind seeing it a second or third time. This one gets cult status and would be a great addition to any movie night with friends. See the trailer…

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