The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Star Rating: 5

Inspired by a true story and the classic 1974 film. A group of teenagers take a detour from a road trip and what happens next is beyond anyone?s darkest fears and raw nightmares. Survivor (Jessica Biel) of a 1973 killing spree, dubbed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, breaks her silence and comes forward to tell the real story of what happened on that bloody day. She recounts the grisly events that led her and her four teenage friends to a deserted rural Texas highway and straight into the clutches of a chainsaw-wielding madman who left a trail of blood and terror.

Rated R, 1 hr. 38 min., 2003

Our Opinion:
They did a great job with this remake of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Jessica Biel is nice to look at too. There have been other very crappy remakes of this movie, but this is the best. TCM sets the bar for all modern horror. Go ahead treat yourself and do a double header with this one and then Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the Beginning.


  1. Nice remake. However, the old and creepy atmosphere of the original movie will never be match by any other movie!

    thanks for the review!

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