End of the Line

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Star Rating: 3

The captives fight back, but can their feeble resistance stand up to the demonic powers that are hunting them down? When her subway train grinds to a halt during her evening commute, psychiatric nurse Karen (Ilona Elkin) and the other passengers become the trapped targets of an apocalyptic religious cult bent on sacrificing them all in the name of their strange god. Maurice Devereaux directs this gruesome horror flick. Nicolas Wright co-stars.

Rated R, 1 hr. 35 min., 2007

Our Opinion:
I would almost give this one 4 stars because it felt original, but my rule is that in order to get a 4 star rating I would want to see it again. I do recommend it though. They combine crazy religious zealots with a zombie type of group killing spree all in the name of the apocalypse. There are some subtle details in the story line that I found intriguing.

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