House On Haunted Hill

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Star Rating: 5

Tycoon Steven Price (Geoffrey Rush) offers a $1 million proposal to stay one night in a former insane asylum. Eddie (Taye Diggs), Melissa (Bridgette Wilson), Sara (Ali Larter), Donald (Peter Gallagher) and Watson (Chris Kattan)  think it’s child’s play until Price’s rigged antics are accompanied by real menacing spirits. Can everyone make it till dawn and win the prize money? Famke Janssen co-stars as Price’s haughty wife, Evelyn.

Rated R, 1 hr. 33 min., 1999

Our Opinion:
This is a fun horror movie to watch over and over again. It has a nice rythm to it and it was very well produced. This movie actually follows the orginal 1959 version starring Vincent Price. All the characters are rich. Chris Kattan was very amusing. If you get the chance, view the extra features on the DVD. I highly recommend this film.


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