The Dark

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Star Rating: 5

Adelle (Maria Bello) heads to Wales with daughter Sarah (Sophie Stuckey) to reconnect with her husband, James (Sean Bean) with the intent on fixing her marriage. Just days after the family moves into a farmhouse, Sarah is swept out to sea. As James searches for Sarah’s body, Adelle begins to feel that her daughter is still alive. When a strange girl who supposedly died 60 years ago shows up, Adelle sets out to uncover the mystery and find Sarah. With Welsh mythology mixed in, not to mention subplots involving a psychotic shepherd who gets into trepannation, and a local sheep population afflicted with a suicide-inducing virus, Dark contains appealing medieval imagery, and its contemporary take on pagan self-sacrifice is sick and cultish rather than sexy and natural. Dark can at least be applauded for entering some intriguingly creepy territory.

Rated R, 1 hr. 33 min., 2004

Our Opinion:
I got this one on a lark, not seeing any trailers. It is surprisingly a good old creepy ghost story. According to old Welsh religion, you can exchange one life to get back one from the land of the dead. You will learn what treppaning is in this movie so you will come away with something new. Watch it with the lights out.

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