Why Deep Horror Began

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Having been an avid fan of modern horror, I would routinely rent 5 to 10 movies from my local Blockbuster on the weekends. It wasn’t until I accidentally rented Playhouse that I felt my relationship with Blockbuster and the whole movie industry start to falter. Why? Well, up until now you could expect that any movie you rent is professionally produced with the standard qualities you would expect in a movie. This isn’t the case with Playhouse. The cover looked interesting, but upon playing it in the DVD player to my surprise it looked like someone had stolen the DVD out of the carton and replaced it with a home-made handy cam version. I checked and the DVD itself had screen print that matched the cover. I was dumbfounded. Why would anyone go to this much trouble of distributing this amateurish drivel? Looking at the DVD carton more closely and I mean really closely there was something amiss. There wasn’t a standard movie specification block that showed the screen proportion and run time, etc. Curiously on the back of the Playhouse DVD carton it says that the sound is in 5.1 surround sound. Which means you get to hear really crappy sound all around you. This isn’t the experience I was looking for. I couldn’t even get through more than 15 minutes of the bad sound, horrible acting, bad lighting. The list goes on and on. So why was this on the shelf?

I know, even professionally made movies can be stinkers, but they weren’t even trying on Playhouse. If there is anything below low-budget or no-budget this was the one. This isn’t about the subject matter. It is about the expected production quality in a rented movie. I only wish there was a section for novice film because I am sure there is a market for it. I just don’t like being cheated out of my money. They might as well have placed someone’s home video of their kid’s first play inside the Playhouse DVD carton because that is what it seemed like.

So that is why we developed Deep Horror. For anyone who asks; “Can you recommend a good scary movie?”, we can resoundingly say “YES!” If we come across sub-par movies you will see them appear on the “Do Not Rent” list. These are movies that should never be in the marketplace.

Who are we to judge art? Well, again this is a production quality issue. There are plenty of bad movies out there with a million plus budgets, however, they have all the essential production values we have come to expect from a movie that we pay to see. You don’t expect a fake plastic hamburger from McDonald’s. You expect a real hamburger.

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