Cabin Fever

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Star Rating: 5

Five college friends (Rider Strong, Jordan Ladd, Joey Kern, Cerina Vincent, and James DeBello) head off to the woods for a weekend of drinking, partying and fooling around. But as they sit at their campfire the first night, a blood-soaked hermit approaches them. He appears to have been infected with a flesh-eating bacterial virus, and as the hapless kids start to catch the bug, paranoia and hostility run rampant. Combine that with a bad-tempered dog and a party-loving police deputy (Giuseppe Andrews, giving a particularly funny performance), leads everyone into confusion and bloody chaos.

Rated R, 1 hr. 32 min., 2003

Our Opinion:
This is destine to be a cult classic by Eli Roth (Hostel). This is a fun movie to watch and the actors really got into their characters. You can sense the enthusiasm which really propelled this nothing low-budget flick to much higher quality piece of art. I hope to see more like this from Eli. This another one that you will dust off from time to time to show friends.

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